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vaulttech I'm not sure on how useful this page will be, but I created it \o/
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 +====== Etiquette in the mailing list ======
 +Welcome to the Matehackers mailing list. This is our main communication media. The folllowing text gives you some sugestions on how to use the mailing list and keep a good relationship with others.
 +  * Don't change the thread'​s topic. If needed, create a new thread.
 +  * Try to limit the jokes to one or two per thread. We don't have problems with jokes, but if yours is the fifth e-mail without relevant content in the thread, then you know it is time to stop.
 +  * If you notice your thread will last too long, try moving it to another communication media, like our ([[mateirc]]) channel, other social medias or even try to talk to people personally. For instance, if you want help to "​install your linux",​ then you know this will create as many as maybe 50 messages, with jokes, conflicting opinions, etc. Create a "call for people"​ to ([[mateirc]]) in the mailing list and then pass as long as you need there talking about it.
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