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Online Financial Modeling Training

The aim of this course is to make you understand the financial statement of a company doing an analysis on the same and projecting the future financials of a company.

The tutorials have been designed in such a manner that it would help you build a step-by-step advanced financial model‚ Concept of circularity‚ Understand the Key Linkages of Income statement, Balance sheet and Cash flow statement.

You would get the opportunity to learn Excel proficiency that is required by the analyst and Financial Modeling of different sectors such as the Paint sector, IT sector and Education sector.

The following are the benefits of undertaking this training:

Learn decision making involved in financial viability of a company Develop critical thinking and analytical skills required to excel in the field of Investment Banking, Equity research and Commercial banking. Understand Financial modeling techniques Who should attend?

Most suitable for people in Investment Banking, Equity research, Business planning & strategy, Private management, or commercial banking People pursuing CA, CFA Program, FRM, MBA Finance Ideal for candidates with any graduation field who want a career in finance


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