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About us?

Hackerspace = hackers + space

We are a group of technology and knowledge enthusiasts called Matehackers. Our main goal is to foster the development of projects in the technology area, offer courses and talks, promote events and other activities that make the exchange of knowledge possible between the participants.

Besides, it is central to propiciate a space – a Hackerspace – to congregate these people: a free space where anyone can go at any moment and work in projects of any kind, related (but not limited to) technology, so that knowledge and learning exchange occur.

Matehackers is physically placed inside the Bunker 360 in Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil.

How to become a member?

  • At first, sign up in the mailing list and send an e-mail introducing yourself. At least say your name and why you are interested to be part of the group.
  • Stay on top of the group events.
  • Talk to us \o/

How can I help?

Matehackers exists due to the colaboration of all its members. Currently all our costs are covered through a monthly payment done by the members and some revenue taken from some workshops we do. However, most importantly, we need to keep Matehackers an innovative and active place. Thus is any help you can offer (ideas, projects, material ou financial support) very important for us.

Here you can find a list of tasks and activities that we need to do to make this idea real.

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